Long May You Run

I knew what I desired to write down approximately these days, but I had no concept of what I desired to name it. I became on the computer and put on Neil Young on Pandora and wager what the primary music changed into…considered one of my favorites…LONG MAY YOU RUN.

I don’t recognise approximately you but in my mind the capability to run is a sign of relative health. And it’s miles turning into a good bigger passion of mine…seeking to stay healthful.And over again I should remind myself that as an awful lot as I would like to make tons of changes suddenly I truely should go along with only a few at a time.

One of my preferred magazines is Men’s Health. There are pages that have unmarried to several paragraph snippets of recommendation, any of which I should follow and enhance my fitness. I additionally get their each day emails with all types of ideas of a way to improve my food plan and health tips. About a month in the past I started doing one of the exercise workouts they posted online. I begin by way of doing 10 pushups and then 1 full body squat. I right now do nine pushups observed by means of 2 squats. You get the photo, by the point I am done I even have completed fifty five pushups and 55 squats. I do this three times a week and I understand it sounds crazy however I can already see the bodily adjustments. At the ripe age of fifty three this makes me experience like I did in excessive school after I did a variety of weight lifting.

I simply completed watching Dr. Robert Lustig’s most presently posted lecture on the evils of sugar. It is known as Sugar: The Bitter Truth and he simply breaks it down so properly as to why sugar is root of the weight problems trouble going through not handiest the US, but the whole international. (Brazil, an rising financial system has had the very best percentage increase of obesity and diabetes in the global the previous couple of years). And as he sees it, whether or not it’s miles sugar or high fructose corn syrup it is the same poison. Even worse, if you study what criteria makes a substance end up an dependancy….Sugar suits the bill so it’s far secure to mention our our bodies are getting hooked on sugar at an alarming fee.